Schnotterbox in schön

und pfiffig, denn: „beyond simply decorating a Kleenex box, I wanted to think through how the product (the tissues) could interact with the packaging once it was open, which eventually led to a typewriter loaded with paper, a whale spraying from his blowhole, a cottage emitting smoke, and any number of executions that fit that idea.“ Gut gemacht, Chris!

Mein Freund der Baum

“In the High North deep inside the woods, where the tree tops touch the sky, there is a place inspired by friendship, designed with genius, made by magic, perfect & pure. This is Treehotel.”– Clare MacCarthy, Financial Times. Das klingt doch mal sehr verlockend und sieht auch danach aus, oder?

Personalisieren und ausflippen

That’s nice! Go and get your personalised Mylo Xyloto artwork! Und wenn ich schon wieder an die Liveshows von Coldplay denke aktuell mit diesen MX-Konfetti-, Xylobands- und wundervollen Melodiegeschichten, dann flipp ich aus – im positiven Sinn natürlich! Wem geht’s auch so?